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Thank you for responding to my diary .
I been on holiday and didn’t take my laptop and I couldn’t update my diary via my mobile so I been quiet for a while . I lost count of what day I am in with regard to gamble free time .
So far I have not gambled yayyyy
I paid quarter of my debts it’s been hard but I managed to get them down well. I know I am making sacrifice as I am on a very tight budget but this is teaching me how much money I waisted on gambling .
This journey has taught me allot , i learnt that I was living in a bubble that needed to be burst it’s been almost over two months since I been gamble free .
I have decided that once I get my self back on feet I am going to help disadvantaged children to get education in a third world country my contribution might help one or two child but it’s something I want to do this as amount of money I waisted could of helped someone out there that needed the most .
I think here is a purpose I came to this world and one of those purposes is not to be a gambler but to do something that can help others as well as my family .
I also learnt that material things don’t matter much in this world because only things that stay is the memories we make with our loved once .
I been living in a bubble , I always wanted to be rich for my own selfish reasons in order to buy posh gucci handbags or designer clothes but none of this gave me satisfaction or happiness instead I wanted more so I started gambling to win that bug money .
I know I might be not making sense but this holiday with my family taught me allot .
I now want to make a difference not just for my self but for my family and everyone around me , I am not saying I am going to make the world a better place for everyone but if I can change something that that’s my contribution to Mother Earth.
I have changed allot .
I been reading all the posts whilst away as I get emails for the posts I follow but couldn’t update or reply to them but hope everyone in this journey will get the great results like I am.
I know it’s still early states for me and my partner still controls my money but this is giving me allot of goodness .