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Hi Just26,
The time to take action is now!
While you are feeling low. Put up some barriers.
I know you are in shock, these feeling will subside however so now is the time to do something to ensure you are safe.
The first thing that comes to mind, which is probably the hardest thing to do is tell your partner. You need to limit your access to cash. No money = no gambling. Could your partner take hold of your accounts?
You are 26…..with your whole life in front of you. Don’t let this addiction take over your life. Theres too much to lose. You have made a brave step coming here, its not easy to admit you have a problem, tackling it now and getting barriers in place will ensure this doesn’t escalate.
Use the helpline, its a wonderful source of support, suggestions, ideas on how to take a control back of your life.
The money………..its gone.
The sooner you realise that, the better. Cut your losses now.
Life is too short for a young girl like you to be wasting it gambling. Keep reading and posting.
Take care, K xxx