Thank you ladies for your kind wishes. My partner is about to embark on chemo and radiotherapy for 8 weeks. We are exhausted with trips to the hospital to get ready for the treatment, which starts next monday.
I haven’t had any contact with my Cg for nearly two weeks now. He text me to say I was a nasty piece of work, to which I had to tell myself I wasn’t that and he was just lashing out. I just replied Ok. Last week he attempted to make contact with a hello but I chose to ignore it. I cannot deal with his drama and I am enjoying the freedom of no contact.

I think everyone has a point when enough is enough or people cross a line and I think I finally reached that point with him. The space has also given me some clarity over his behaviour and I have had to separate the fact he is my son but he is his own person and an adult, not my little boy anymore.
Take care everyone.
San xx