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I feel for you as I have found myself in the same cycle of win win and then losing a lot more. To be honest what I lose is my peace of mind and my dignity

murr you have done so well so far and please don’t lose hope.  Trust that you have the power to overcome this. When we log onto a gambling website we open ourselves up to the risk of losing and losing big (in our cases) you and I both gamble big so the chance of us losing a lot is greater.

gambling controls us Murr, we are not in control when we chose to gamble. Let’s not keep throwing ourselves in the way of fire.

i believe in you murr. You are young and have your whole life ahead of you to build. Let’s not give these online sites our time or energy 

I think your trigger is spendin. You spend a lot and then want to get it back again as fast as you spent it. Perhaps try to budget. Spend what you can afford and start saving. It will grow i promise

gambling is is not an intelligent or safe way of getting money

it will leave you with pain, sleepless nights, guilt, anxiety and debt

i relapsed recently too murr and lost £3,990. I’m about to go on holiday and now have to carry this weight with me. It wasn’t worth it. It was a terrible choice I made.

today is my day 3 GF. We can stop this murr. We can. Have faith and begin your new life without gamblinG.

we have fallen again and again. But we will beat This !