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Dark Energy

yes, trading is a form of gambling especially intraday trading and scalping. and if you add high leverage to the mix you have a perfect form of gambling.
nthe irony is I didn’t realize that I am gambling until I consulted an online psychologist. that was after 2 or 3 years from trading.
nif it was clear gambling I could have not gone that far, I could have treated it with a lot of caution, or I could have never tried it. because I knew that gambling is wrong and I should not do it. but the intraday trading with leverage comes with a convincing cover “trading”.
na few days ago I read the book “the new market wizards” by Jack Schwager.
nhe interviewed top traders to see why they are the best. what strikes me is that those guys are addicts they are gambling and they even don’t know that. I can easily see it from their words from the continuous monitoring for the market one of them have a screen in every corner of his room even inside the bathroom as the author reported, for many of them when they were speaking with him the author noticed that they are keeping an eye on the charts.