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Hi my names lawrence im 28 yrs old and im currently waiting to go to a rehab centre. This is my 1st time on this website.. The reason i clicked this because it stood out the most with me being similar with my mum and reading the comment from velvet decribed the way i felt and how distant i am from everyone else and the barriers i put up. Gambling for me is one of the worst addiction because there is no limit and so many ways to gamble. With myself personally, i gamble prolific have stolen from my mum my brothers and sisters in the past and i just lock myself away because of the shame and the embarrassment but only now that ive thought harder about the situation im in and a change in my life is needed because the last 12 years havent done nothing for me then other make me depressed and miserable but for some reason now i feel like ive got a spark that i need to change my ways of life and tackle this addiction head on and just know that after this my rewards will be a lot more bigger than any win ive ever had. i pray your son gets the help he needs hes not alone with this addiction and i hope that more things are put in place to help more gambling addictions because it destroys so many peoples lives.