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Hi Carole, I am sorry the house deal fell through and that you are haven’t found a suitable job. Keep positive, things will turn around. I think the ceramic studio sounds like a cool place to go to. I just returned from my San Diego trip. It was awesome. We spread my Husband’s ashes this morning in the ocean and each of us said what we are going to miss about him. I feel that we have closure now, even my Grandson. We sat on the beach for awhile and watched the waves and surfers as they were the only ones brave enough to be in the ocean. It was a foggy, cold day and the ocean was really choppy. We only got out there up to our knees. I am starting my packing tomorrow as I only have 3 1/2 weeks till I close on my new home. I really feel good about the move and when I walked into the house, I felt like I belonged there. I would love for you to come and visit me. Take care Carole. Talk soon.