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Thanks for the posts. I don’t know where I would be without all the support everyone has shown me. P, I don’t know how brave I am. I am just doing what I need to do and what I think is the best for me. Thank you for saying that and being proud of me. It’s nice to hear. I didn’t get much packing done today as I had laundry, unpacking to do. I am up early this morning as I can’t sleep. There is a lot going on inside of my head. The lawyer sent me all the papers he is filing to get my court date set in probate court. They can’t find my Step-Daughter. I will have to be appointed personal representative of the estate and after I sell the condo, I will have to keep her part of the proceeds till she comes forward or the statute of limitations runs out. Also, I have to be bonded to be a personal representative. This is beginning to be a pain in the butt. I will get through this with my sanity!! I won’t have a house payment, so I will be able to afford to keep paying the mortgage and association fees and utilities on the condo till it is sold. I am using most of the money left to me from the life insurance for my home. The money went fast paying for hospital bills and treatment (the 20 percent we owed) and paying off bills, the lawyer, ect. I am not complaining as I am fortunate to have it. I figure buying the house is a investment. I think I will be able to think clearer and not have so much on me when I am packed and moved and when the probate is over and the condo sells. I am excited about my new start. Vera, I feel like my Husband has been looking out for me as things seem to be falling into place. I find comfort in that.