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Hey Cat good to hear from you.
I have had a busy day. I had thawed the 2nd half of my Turkey, roasted the breast and boiled the leg back and wing for soup. My brother dropped my niece off at her mom’s as she leaves tomorrow for treatment . She will be away at least 6 weeks. My brother asked her mom to put up her credit card as he has to front $7000 in cash. That b*tch ranted and raved at him! She assumes no financial responsibility for this girl. She even threw my brother out of her house ( the house HE paid for!) Funny how she has the money for a new truck, a compleate remodel on the house but hasn’t a penny for her child. My brother lives like a hermit saving every penny he can-only to spend it on medical for his kid. Sometimes there is little fairness in life. My problems pale in comparison.