I am a little confused as to why you call yourself a co dependent,
Having skimmed your post I didn’t read anything there that lead me to the same conclusion.

There is nothing there that suggests that you need to be addicted to the addictions of another. A co dependant needs their other half to be sick or they in turn need also to be sick in order to be completeish !!

I don’t think that’s you but of course you can fight your corner if you really believe that to be the case

I don’t think you will because just like me you love someone with the compulsion to gamble and there is no shame in that , not on this forum.

So I assuming for one minute that I am right !! the next step is what you may want to do next??

There is no pressure to do anything. Things are often so difficult we lose the ability to do nothing everything screams at us from within and without …………. I have to do something , you must do something ………… it just goes on and on

Sit back, learn what you can but about yourself, do nothing until you are no longer in crisis.

Keep posting keep talking

Jenny x

That’s not you