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Hi Adam,
I have been keeping up with your posts and it surprised me about your legs because of you biking. Vera is so right about the risks, you know from experience how painful and how long it can take to heal. My suggestion would be elevate them up abovebyour heart whenever you can and keep them moisturized with a good perfume free lotion after every shower and before you leave for the day (lotion twice a day). 17 days of standing is not going to help your risk, so if you don’t take precautions……I think you probably already know to watch the sodium, those chips you get for free may not be a great idea unless they are baked and unsalted, but who would want them? Please take care, I have a lot of patients that end up requiring intravenous antibiotics for cellulitis of the legs. It is serious business!
So happy to see your gamble free days adding up and your payback to yourself through savings is coming along nicely. I would hate to see it go to medical expenses.