Thank you for your continuing support. For me, it will be important to get through each day as it progresses. I have had lots of ideas on how to reply to him and I will be calling on these to help me through.

Thank you for writing about the chat logs earlier. It really helped to go through our group last night. At the time, there is alot of good advice, but it is so easy to miss it at the time. It was good to go through the chat log for last night.

Have you done/will you be doing anything for yourself today? I went into a clothes shop today and checked out a new top for myself for when I get paid at the weekend :). I am 99% sure I will buy it. When you enable a cg your money does not go on yourself – just in case anyone reading this, thinks that’s a strange thing lol. I also went to the butcher’s today and bought a hedgehog for tea (a chicken breast with mozzarella cheese encased in pastry in the shape of a hedgehog!) instead of a supermarket bargain piece of meat. Go me, eh? Why should the bookies/betting office have my hard earned cash? Time to live a little with my wonderful partner. Tomorrow I am going to work on my painting.

I would like to apologise for my awful English too, I am learning French and the two languages and use of grammar get very muddled up :P. We call it Fronglais here.

Hope to see you in group again.

San x