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Hey well done Lorraine i felt teary for you when you said about getting your teeth done.. It is amazing how we neglect ourselves when we are gambling. Crazy crazy stuff this addiction, i will never ever get my head round it, i just have to know that i cant gamble.. cant have that first bet for me or i am a gonner ! Keep up the good work and look at the positives. Your sister isn’t in recovery but you are! Think of when you were in the midst of addiction too could your sister have stopped you? I know its frustrating, i dont know how you do it living with her now. Remember your recovery comes first , without it we are no help to anyone. I understand how she is in addiction because i am the same in the middle of it no one or nothing will stop me. You can only do what you can for you. Be an example to her and show her how your life is changing for the better without gambling in it. I love that you are still not going to the casino while she is. I love it. You are better than that you want recovery.. keep going Lorraine. You are worth it, you have so much stress in your life but keep trying to look for those little positives, it is so easy to focus just on the negative.. i get negative too.. dont get me wrong but i find if i look for the little bonuses in life that its not so heavy..