Hi Ali
I am glad you have found your way to this site. I’m sorry that the F&F only group only has a 15 minute window at the beginning of the hour and then it is inaccessible. It would be great to meet you.
I wouldn’t be on this site if I didn’t know that the addiction to gamble can be controlled and I think you have made some good moves towards helping your CG. You cannot make him stop gambling but looking after the finances is always a good first step – it protects you and also your loved one. In my opinion though you cannot be his keeper and his conscience – you cannot save him – there is no approach that will potentially ‘make’ him see what is best for him – as a CG he will believe he knows what is best for him.
Unfortunately when the addiction is triggered the demands for finance can be quite frightening and it is easy to give in. Understanding the addiction will give you power over it – it is important to always remember that you do not have the addiction and therefore you are the stronger.
Keep posting Ali – there is a wealth of information on here for you. Hopefully I will meet you in a group soon. Nothing said in an F&F only group appears on the forum.
I am away for the weekend but I will look for you on my return.