Hi Ali
Recovery, especially in the early stages can be very frustrating for the person closest to the CG.
I’m not sure about being grateful that he asked your opinion but I do see where you are coming from and at least you know the addiction is still in his head and activating his brain. I also take it that he did not go and gamble and that is a good thing. If his addiction was triggered and he resisted then you must have reacted well
What made you feel he was doing ok? Had his overall behaviour improved?
Unfortunately a CG can gamble in other ways apart from going to the casino – they can play with people all the time just not machines or cards. Compulsive gamblers may stop wagering for money but may continue to make ‘mind bets’. Some newly abstinent gamblers say that what they are keeping track of is the amount of money they have saved by not gambling while their addictive minds are still in action. If this is the case the CG can get excited by the prospect of an actual gamble which they are unable to shake off and it is possible that this is what happened.
Abstinence is not a recovery which is why I am asking about his general behaviour.
Don’t feel defeated, you are doing well. Keep enjoying your Gamanon, I know I did and it made all the difference. Hopefully you well keep posting here and the knowledge you gain will help you cope.