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Hi all,

Wow thank you all very much for your thoughtful comments and replies, I truly appreciate it. It’s comforting to know that I am not alone in my situation. Thank you for sharing your stories.

It’s, amazing Steev how I remind you of you. It makes me feel better that I’m not the only one like this.

MurrsS7, what you wrote really spoke to me as well. Those are some scary thoughts to see what it has done to other people who are older, who’ve lost everything.

I hope I am still young enough to recover. Sometimes I feel like I’ll continue working forever until the day I die and never retire. Sometimes I think of all the things I’ve missed out of from because of my gambling, but then I realize it could be worse and if I don’t stop now it will get way worse.

Running Girl thank you so much for your suggestions. I have already called my bank and lowered my cash withdrawal limit. I will go self-exclude myself at the casino tomorrow and I will avoid the bars at all costs. I need to keep myself busy at all times.

I am determined to stop the madness and I am determind to take this seriously this time and change for the better. I cannot at any cost allow this lifestyle to continue. Enough is enough.

It’s been 10-12 years since I first started dabbling in gambling. It’s been a run but it ends now. One day at a time for sure.

I will go to church tomorrow for the first time in I don’t know how long.

There are no GA groups here where I live (small town), but I have potential for a new job in a different place starting next week.

Right now, I have accepted where I am. I cannot change what happened and need to move on. I feel I shouldn’t dwell on it as it will only continue make me feel worse. I know what I need to do, and I am trying to take a positive reinforcement road on this. I will suffer and manage my money closely until next pay. I am determined to pay off my debts and make a better life for myself. I have subjected myself and my family (parents and siblings, I am single) to this torture long enough. It killed my last personal relationship, I won’t allow it to kill another. I want to have a good rest of my life and I want to keep on that path.

Thank you, I will visit here frequently. I have bookmarked the site.