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Hi All

Forums are in many ways one of the best ways of moving on and exploring issues related to a particular subject.

In my opinion they should be places where the author in this case Jenny can talk openly and honestly about her journey, Jenny’s journeys are personal to her and in many cases painful, its taken courage and sheer determination to attempt to make the most of a situation that may well be causing her unimaginable stress and then post it for all to read, Jenny I applaud your courage

Please when your replying try and be empathetic towards Jenny, She doesn’t need to be told how “x” has done this or that, or how a certain word may be objectionable to you, These are your feeling and emotions and . This is about Jenny and needs to remain purely to help Jenny walk her chosen pathway, she may well ask and seek help to determine that pathway but that is for Jenny to ask, not for us to offer our input as to what a compulsive gambler is and how they work.

Empathy is a key part of the recovery all of all of us, we chose a pathway, we may ask for advice from our peers and professionals as to how a pathway may be formed, its then our duty as humans to walk alongside Jenny and hold her hand whilst she travels the pathway in the belief that in the end a resolution that can be sat with comfortably is found
It’s unfortunate that I’ve had to delete posts and I wish I hadn’t had to get involved in this manner.

Please walk with Jenny along her pathway, please support her.. but please do not use your own interpretation of what a gambler is its neither required nor beneficial to Jenny or any other friends and Family Member

Kind Regards

Harry @ GT