Hi, all. I don’t even get to get on here very much at all, but I think the chat time sounds EXCELLENT. I belonged to a in-person support group for nurses several years ago and it really helped me to regain a lot of confidence I had lost as well as see and hear others who had progressed past where I was. I also got a chance to meet others, who from the “outside” still seemed (to me) to “have it all together” but whose career had hit the skids for various reasons. And some of these had gone way below, or so it seemed, where I had been/was and still they were getting results and ahead through their efforts … a real hope booster. I hope things calm down so I can make time for this, as well as reading and getting to know some other members better through their posts. There are NO support groups within 100 miles from here, so I have felt very isolated and completely misunderstood, as nobody in ANY profession seems to UNDERSTAND and all I get is (useless and seemingly callous) platitudes or indifference, as if I have brought all this on myself or participated in creating what I didn’t even know about.