I’ve just returned from my trip to the UK to see my children and sort out ‘stuff’. I am returning with a HUGE sense of relief and freedom as my 3 year old divorce finally comes to an end woohoo.

My CG met me off the train and our hug was special. It was great to see where he is living and to meet his flatmates. They have taken him under their wing and are a bit older than he is. One of them said, ‘He’s not a bad lad, his only thing is the gambling but we got him to self exclude from the bookies.’ To which I replied, ‘Which one of you did that?’ They looked shocked but when I found out which one I gave him a kiss on the cheek and said Thankyou. My CG hated that place when he first arrived there but he said its beginning to feel like home and a family there now. We had a long talk about the future and living there. We went out for dinner with my daughter, she gave him a hug too. I read somewhere not to exclude CG from family things. My son and daughter are looking forward to joining me at Christmas and all being well I will now be in a position to return to the UK for visits more frequently. I didn’t give my CG any money but I did buy him some new shoes and left two food shopping cards which he can use for food. We visited the pound shops and he asked if I could treat him to some gloves. We also went into a ‘gaming shop’ and my heart sank when he was at the counter buying a game. Instantly I thought ‘Where did he get the money to buy that?’ When we came out of the shop he showed me the game and said guess how much that was. I guessed but was wrong, he showed me the receipt and he had bought it for 49p with the last pennies in his pocket. It is so hard to trust and jump to the wrong conclusion. The trust thing is going to be a long process I feel.

It was a flying visit but a much needed one. Looking forward to catching up with you all soon, right now I have washing up to do as the cleaning fairies didn’t quite make it to the sink! Happy sunday everyone. San xx