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Hi Andrea, firstly, I am so glad to see you writing on here. It is payday for me .. Which means it might also be for you .
Please buy a gambling blocker like gamblock for all your Internet devices. Do this the second you pay hits your account… And you know what Andrea…. Then your pay is much safer because you can’t gamble it on those devices ever again.

When payday comes I always think I can’t afford a gambling blocker and then gamble ten times that amount!!
Your boyfriend sounds wonderful- just what you deserve . Imagine how wonderful it be when you both have your wages to spend. Unlike Vera, I could honestly say I would take money from anyone when I am in post gambling crisis, and especially from my partner in life!

I identify with so much you write about – the closed blinds , the “seen better days” house..

You will beat this Andrea!! Keep that pay safe!!!! Get those blockers!!