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Sadly I can’t participate in the chat as I think I am 8 hours behind you guys and I am still at work!
I know that feeling of worrying about the future for your son. I just want him to be able to have a partner and children (if he wants) but on the other hand until he has found lasting recovery that would be so unfair on a partner.
He has tried different types of therapy (mainly 1-on-1) but quite honestly I don’t think he was ready as he didn’t believe compulsive gambling could be something he couldn’t control. We don’t have anything like GM where I live. He has had his most success with GA. At first it was difficult as he was the youngest but he has been going for 1 1/2 years and is very comfortable. I have certainly seen a ton of change in him for the better though there have been relapses ( slips ). I think for both our sons they at least have some recovery behind them and are not in denial that there is a problem so I do think they will get there!
I may be off base with this opinion but I also feel because they are fairly young men their brains don’t grasp the seriousness of this illness. They don’t have enough life experience to feel the loss it can create? Not sure what you think about that.
There is always hope Anni and even if its 1 step forward 2 steps back they are making progress!