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Hi Anni, it might be worth your while reading some of the stories on the forum for those who gamble. You will find lots of really positive stories of how people have turned their lives around. I am one such person, and I don’t know your story, but I know there were times when I felt lost in this gambling disorder. However , I somehow found my way back.

However, looking back I wasn’t lost, I was just overwhelmed by it. My greatest hope was to get past the awful compulsion, which seemed to take all my energy , feeding it or fighting it.
I guess I also listened to people who defined me by this disorder. I don’t anymore .

I got great help and support from most people on this site, although like you I found some of it horrible too.

I actually also took a supplement which research has shown helps reduce gambling urges.. I am not in anyway medically qualified and can’t recommend any supplement or even a drug to anyone. However, I feel I can’t withhold what helped me. It is a supplement called NAC which you can get from a health food shop.

I think (if you will please excuse me being presumptuous) that your son is not lost to you, he is simply overwhelmed by this gambling disorder at the moment . I can tell from your short post what a loving mother you are, and I wish I could help take your pain away.
I too have a son and he is my life , and I understand how when we see our children struggle,the pain is magnified so many times for us parents.

I will pray for your son Anni, and for you too, that you will both get freedom from this horrible, destructive disorder! You both deserve it!