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I have just read most of your thread and salute you for not one relapse. I truly tip my hat off to you as I have relapsed so many times during my recovery. One thing that really stood out to my was your last post . You said “It is a tough journey..but it is still a journey and with the right frame of mind it can actually be an enjoyable one. Great stories are not those of smooth rides through life, but great stories are those of people who have overcome difficult challenges. Bit by bit, I am writing a great story.” And that really spoke to me. Life is a beautiful struggle and once we get through these stormy rainy days and come out in sunshine it will make the story that much greater. This motivated me to get my life back on track without gambling and paying off my debts so this year next time I too can be 100’s of days gamble free like yourself. Thank you for sharing your story and I truly wish you the best in your recovery. Keep on keeping on!!