Hi B
I was coming to look for you today if you haven’t clocked in, si I was glad to see your post.

What a difference can be made in a short time when each day is taken one at a time and different management skills are tried.

I think we would be strange creatures if this addiction did not make us feel red-hot anger.

When you are not an angry-type person I think it is hard to recognise it amongst the mess of emotions that come with living with the addiction to gamble.

There are many light bulb moments I think in our recovery and I believe that each one teaches us more about life generally than we had appreciated before. You now know you felt anger and you can recognise why others feel it – that to me is the education we can take to change us and therefore gain something good from something bad.

I am so pleased you were guided to this site – so many have gained from your presence on its pages – not least me.

You sound like a butterfly that has broken loose from its chrysalis and is ready to fly.

It would be good sometime to see you in a group and share a glass of cyber wine with you and hear your progress. Cyber wine is of course absolutely safe with pregnancy.

I wish all 4 of you all the joy in the world