Just a quick note – perhaps it is easy to see potential obsession/addiction being transferred to other activities, when we have had to be so wary of this kind of tendency for so long. But, as Velvet says, we all need to be able ‘to lose ourselves’ in something – a good book, a film, sport, learning a new skill, reaching a new goal, etc etc.

None of us is immune from danger, but I tend to think of ‘obsessions’ (in the very widest sense of the word) as good, neutral, dangerous etc – ie on a spectrum. So if we get a bit obsessed by something that is at worst neutral, it can meet a need within us, whilst not harming either ourselves or our loved ones. Some obsessions are inherently dangerous or destructive, others are not. So I hope maybe you can relax a bit about these things as you look after yourself and allow yourself some freedom to ‘get lost’ in some enjoyable pursuits at times?

Of course, even good activities can be a problem within a family setting, if they mean we neglect other responsibilities and I am aware you carry a great weight of responsibility in your situation. I know it is not easy, but stay focussed on what is good for you, as well as your family.

I continue to wish you well.

Monique, Gambling Therapy Team