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Hi B
Well the exams should be over by now which is hopefully one less stress in your home. Have you noticed a change for the better in your husband’s behaviour?

Was your husband encouraged to keep a journal as part of his rehab? I am wondering if he would find a pattern in his behaviour connected to a common element. Maybe if he kept a journal of his present thoughts he might be able to recognise the trigger for his poor behaviour and deal with it.

I’m not sure what you meant about it being ‘weird’ that your husband went for a game of pool after GA. There is terrific bonding between CGs seeking to live gamble-free lives. They share something that those without the addiction are not privy to and enjoying a game of pool together would probably be part of that bonding. They could/should feel safe with each other. It is certainly a shame that someone tried to pick a fight with your husband. GA brings CGs together by a common addiction but they are from all walks of life and are not the same. Confronting the other man took courage and hopefully will make them both stronger.

Has your husband been to GA since?

I look forward to an update and hope to see you in a group soon.