Just checking in…I see you walking the road, trying to make sense of all its curves and pot hole – and I was wondering how you are doing ? It is hard when we or our CG have bad days to remind ourselves that good days are coming – at least for me, some times it seems like they will NEVER come – but your posts are uplifting and you seem to navigating the road splendidly – I am encouraged and lifted by your successes –

I relate to your CG watching porn as my CG has done this a lot – you seem to handling this so well – what is your secret?? Whenever something happens to us like that, a set back. I seem to crash back to where I used to be – “it will never be better, he will always be like this, etc”…I am happy you have found a way to step back and see the forest from the trees – I can sometimes – but need reminding.

Just wanted to pop in and see how you were and encourage you along the way…