Hi b,
Im sorry for the relapse b ,
Berber if I was in your place I would have done the same thing. I don’t know if it is the right decision or not but I would have done exactly the same thing.
He stopped the medication? Is he taking the pills now? Or the relapse is tied with the no medications?
I don’t know b , I think (and I’m sorry for that) that something not goes well with the addiction of your hb . I think that he lost because he is tirted the meaning of the loyalty for his recovery and he must try to find it again . I think he is tired and confused .
Berber I realize in my relationship that when im lovely or have a tolerant behavior, my cg always seems to be complacency but when I m hard(not always) and tough and don’t go back he has always alertness . He told me that he doesn’t forget the meaning to be clean and lose his family.
It is time now b to focus on you and your children. You have your priorities and of course your limits.
My advice is please if you have to speak with your hb just speak for the necessary , nothing more . You need some days off . You need to find you and how you will react to a relapse . Give the time you need . And not have him there is very good. Relapse is something NEW now . try to find your power now..
i know that you feel angry and betrayed …but you know the addiction berber , you know well how it is try to find your power again and
Just think how happy you can be when your children hags you and smile at you !!!!!!!!!!!
You are in my thoughts
Love ell