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Hi B

I hope when we meet in a group, as I know we will soon, that you will be able to tell me the painting is going well – is it oils, water-colour, pastels, or what? My husband goes to art classes and has not advanced much, to date, but he enjoys it and I look forward to the day I can hang something on the wall that he has done – instead of trying to guess what it is!

I go dancing every week and I really think it stimulates. I do country dancing (well I live in the country what do you expect?) and to say I am good would be very far from the truth. The caller always runs through the dance before we start but as soon as the music strikes up my mind goes blank – the only good thing is I can see the same bewilderment on some other faces too. I come home exhausted and bruised but refreshed and regenerated.

This might be cyber space but you have put your intentions in writing and they have been noted, so excuses will have to be brilliant if the intentions have not borne fruit.

I hope the Ritalin makes a difference, now that he has entered a gamble-free life; he will have more space and time to deal with his other problems.

Please don’t be hurt by his thoughtless comment because that is all it was – the comment of someone who was not thinking. It was a selfish remark and you know it wasn’t true so no need to defend yourself or let it fester – unasked for, unconstructive criticism only tells you more about the person who is criticising you.

Teething is tough, pregnancy is tough, recovery is tough and you are living with all three. Give yourself a gold star. You are doing well