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Hi Bara
A compulsive gambler cannot be cured but many, many can and do live in control of their addictions without relapsing.
I am fortunate in that I know a number of compulsive gamblers who have seized the gamble-free life with a passion and a zest that is remarkable. Not only are they living gamble-free but they are leading possibly more extraordinary lives for have overcome the addiction that sought to bring them to their knees.
It is a very hard message for those who love compulsive gamblers but my own experience is this. I trust the gambler in my life to protect his gamble-free life because he wants to do so – he has been clean for over 12 years and enjoys a wonderful life.
I will leave it there tonight Bara but I wanted to give you a quick reply so that you knew you had been heard. I will write again asap.
In the meantime perhaps you could let me know if your husband has started going to meetings and have you heard about GMA?