Hi Berber,

I think we have spoken before occasionally in the Community groups. If not then I will introduce myself now; I am a Compulsive gambler myself in recovery.

Looking at your thread I can see that you are already getting good advice and Velvet is supporting you, in the same way she does many others of course.

I see your husband is nearly 10 months gamble free, that’s good. As the one year milestone approaches though that can cause a bit of stress, it’s a massive thing. When he reaches it it’s important he keeps doing the things that have been working, getting to GA meetings or whatever. We all use support when we want to stop, it’s important to keep using support to stay stopped/maintain recovery. At GA I often see people hit their first year, or another milestone, and think they have “cracked it” – it’s usually a mistake. Maybe get him to connect to one of the Gamblers Groups here, he can talk to other people in his own position.

The best think I read on your thread though is that you are focussing on yourself, getting counselling and recognising things you yourself can work on, well done.

Keep posting and keep focussing on you.