I think if you’ve made the decision not to live with an addiction, then it has to be followed through.

I have also heard people say that ‘slips’ can be a part of recovery and it is what people do with them that counts.

I also think that there comes a time when all the theorising and mumbo jumbo surrounding this addiction gives people way too much ‘wriggle room’.

It is possible to find too many reasons for poor behaviour. Hanging the hat of the addiction on his extremely rude and uncalled for comments is almost a get out. Would you tolerate those comments from someone who did not have addictions. I am hoping the answer will be no ? and if it is No then why is this different.

Its completely disrespectful and insulting is what it is. I am pleased he has taken his bible with him perhaps he may open it and learn something or maybe he needs a larger print version.

What ever you decide to do Berber, must be right for you and your children. Who knows if it goes on for long enough it may even feel like there is one less child around, one that is old enough to know better.

I hope you regain some peace in your life, it would certainly be well deserved