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Hi Berta
You are not rambling at all- but speaking absolute sense.
Our brains can rewire and old connections which are not being “exercised”will weaken , so yes the urge to gamble will continue continue to weaken. They will always be there so it is wise to her barriers but they will definitely weaken.

Meanwhile new connections are being built and if we purposely choose to build healthy activities into our lives these connections will become stronger. Your post has been very helpful in highlighting for me that I have not done this part yet – I have simply switched to a Netflix “addiction”.

I did try GA but to be honest the whole idea of constantly
reinforcing that gambling has to stay this huge part our lives was unhelpful for me – it felt like a confessional for relapses – however I do realise it is helpful for some people- but I, like you, want the brain connections gambling has built to be weakened .

I guess it doesn’t matter whAt we believe so long as we are rebuilding our lives and not gambling – and this you are doing magnificently .

Keep strong xx