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Hi Bettie! I hope that you can get the insulin pump soon! Health insurance companies suck as I found first hand when my Husband became ill. There were a lot of things that they wouldn’t pay for or only paid a percentage. It seems it’s all about the money with them!!!! Sorry to hear about your niece’s mother and her attitude about her own daughter. Thank goodness she has her father, your brother in her life!!!! I don’t understand parents who act like that and I never will. I put up a tree and decorated ( but not like I usually do) for my Grandson. It is the first Xmas without my Husband and it is hard. He was the one to decorate the outside with tons of lights! Next Xmas I am going to do that! I just need to get through this first year and it is getting easier as time goes on, but still painful. I am praying that you get your pump soon. I understand how depressing that is when your health is not good and the weather you have been getting is cold))))). Take care and keep your chin up. I believe things will get better for you.