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Hi Blue
It seems to me that your dad knows that his wife has a problem and possibly either knows, or has guessed, what the problem is. It sounds as though he has his eyes open but could possibly do with support. I suspect he has been hoping the problem will go away but now is recognising that matters are out of control.
In my opinion he is right to protect his finances as your mother is capable of taking him all the way down with her.
I think that you and your dad presenting a united front could be the best way forward provided he has the knowledge you have gained and realises that his wife is not being malicious but needs support and treatment. I think you are a great daughter and he might be very pleased that you have sought help.
I am concerned that you say that there is a likelihood of inheritance money becoming available and I suggest that you take the necessary measures to protect it as soon as possible because sadly your mother could lose it all very quickly.
Keep posting, you are doing well.