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I have reported the last post on your thread to admin as I feel it is Detrimental to recovery. Even those games (your money or not) keeps this addiction alive and that is not one bit helpful in my book. Anyway, I’m Kathryn and I’ve been hanging around this site for almost 11 years. Apart from a few slips I have managed to stay gamble free since joining GT. I am a self excluder, best thing I have ever done, between that and this site my life was saved. I was dying a very slow death. I lost my house many years ago due to my addiction. I know regret is not healthy but that is my biggest in my life so far (hopefully there won’t be any more!) there’s no chance of another. I’ve accepted that, but I don’t like it very much! Sounds like your 6 month day was a beautiful one, I’m in Australia and winter has hit us hard! Well done on your gamble free time, that is a great effort. It’s not easy that’s for sure. ODAAT is a great philosophy, I remember when I first stopped I was doing 30 minutes at a time at one stage, it was all I could cope with . My exclusion however has been my greatest barrier, the thought of being thrown out of a venue or tapped on the shoulder by management was more than enough for me! All of my slips have been because I didn’t exclude soon enough and it lapsed. So of course I’d just test myself out a little bit. Money wise it wasn’t a lot but the way I felt about myself, the shame and self loathing was terrible, and I’d exclude ASAP. Not sure when the last slip was to be honest, quite a few years ago now, but my exclusion has run out again and with covid the venue where they do it isn’t open as yet. So that’s my first job post covid. Anyway, I just wanted to say hi, let you know you’re doing great, and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!
nLove K xx