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Hi Boss Lady
You certainly seem to be on the right track and it stands to reason that early recovery is worrying so it is not surprising that you are questioning some of how you feel. In my opinion, it is important to be careful how you question your husband when you are worried, I put it to my CG that I would like help in knowing what to do and what to say say so that I got things right for him, rather than asking questions. It took a while but as he felt safer with me and recognised that I had made an effort with me too he gradually became the greatest help to me of all.
Being emotionally hurt for years does take its toll and you have to recover too. The great thing about your recovery is that it can reach a conclusion. Your husband will have to control his addiction for the rest of his life. This sounded horrendous for me when I first heard it but of course life settles down and the CG can relax and live a wonderful life. Unfortunately all around us there are things that you and I do not think about – for instance raffles, lotteries, eBay, all seemingly harmless but maybe not to a CG. The addiction is triggered by situations in life and once the addiction has been triggered it can be difficult to control.
Your husband is making all the right moves and you are starting your recovery so I wish you both well.