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Hi Brunotax
In my opinion you have turned to the right place but please tell us more about yourself and your partner.
CGs (compulsive gamblers) do lie. They lie when their addiction takes hold of their lives to cover up the shame of their losses, losses which give them a deep sense of failure. Having lied and got away with it once it becomes a way of life. A CG’s memory is usually very poor as their minds are active with addiction 24 hours a day – lying becomes second nature so that when they try and remember anything, their memories are befuddled with untruths – their lies have become their truth.
I would never suggest to you that you leave your partner or that you stay with him. – I do hope that you will give yourself some time with this forum until you know what it is that ‘you’ want to do. Your partner can change his life, if it wasn’t so I wouldn’t be writing to you.
Please tell us more so that you can be supported in the way you deserve. Knowledge of his addiction will give you power over it.
Well done writing your first post