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Please don’t take that money out, you said it yourself, you will end up naked in the street. You will never ever win, EVER!!!
No win is ever enough for a compulsive gambler.
Have you got someone you can talk to, now? Get them to take away your access to money, be it take your card, book, whatever it is you use to access money?
Are you under age to go to the casino? Why did you steal your brothers ID?
You went for 4 months gamble free, a terrific achievement, perhaps its time you put up extra barriers, to keep you safe and ensure this doesn’t happen again. Is there a GA in your area? There are some very helpful people there who understand exactly how you are feeling.
Try and join some group chats here. You are definitely not alone Camarami, but this is your journey to take, and how you do that is up to you.
Using all the advice you are given, posting and reading here, GA, personal counselling, becoming accountable to a friend or family member you can trust, self excluding from the venues you gamble in, all these things can help keep you safe and let you work recovery.
There is life after gambling.
Its not easy, but it can be done.
I hope to read more from you, welcome again.
Love K xxx