I am the mother of a CG. Yes this is definitely a long road but the more your family can learn about this disease the sooner you will be able to restore some normality to your lives.
It is definitely a plus your dads gambling is out in the open as it thrives on secrecy. I always found it to be like the elephant in the room. By the end of an argument or conversation with the gambler the rest of the family ended up looking nuts while the gambler the perfect victim. As a result of their addiction they have become incredible liars and manipulators. I believe this isn’t done purposefully to hurt us it is just what needs to be done to keep the addiction alive.
I believe it was Velvet that said she did all the wrong things for all the right reasons and this is so true. When we first enter into this we are ill prepared to deal with a gambling addict … they really are not rational / logical people while in the midst of gambling.
Arm yourselves with all the knowledge and support you can find. It is a tough go but you can find peace and sanity regardless of whether your father finds recovery.
Take care!