Hi Cathy
Thank you so much for your update – it is great to hear from one of our ‘veteran’ members, who is still following the forum even if she is not posting regularly – especially when she offers support as you did with our new mum.
I am not picking at words but I do think it helps to note the difference between a ‘relapse’ which is the addiction taking control again indefinitely and a ‘slip’ which is a short loss of purpose followed by a re-focus. Slips do not have to occur but if they do, it does not have to be negative – they can help the CG be stronger in the future. As your son has picked himself up from a couple of slips, dusted himself down and stuck with his GA, it is to be hoped that he has gained that strength and I wish him well.
I love to hear that you celebrated ‘your’ year in Gamanon – well done. It sounds a good group where another member is willing and able to help you through the 12 steps. I struggled with ‘Sincerity’ as I could not see why ‘I’ had to accept defects of character but I am glad I stuck with it because in doing so I was able to get rid of much that was holding me back. Gamanon meant everything to me in those early days bur unfortunately there is no Gamanon where I live now although I am tempted to change that fact.
Getting ‘well’ takes time as you are finding but well you can and will be.
Thank you once again for popping back. It would be great to see you in the group again one day. I send my best wishes to you and your Gamanon group.