The above is our welcoming post to you but this is a personal welcome from me.
Well done starting a thread and writing your first post, I suspect it was very hard for you to write.
I admire your realisation that your mum has shouldered a lot of things on her own and could do with some support.
I think it is hard when it dawns on those who love CGs (compulsive gamblers) just how far the road stretches out in front before there can be any real hope. There is something about a CG actually seeking support that makes those who love them breathe out with relief for a short time, only to come up gasping for air as the realisation hits them that this is not an end but feels like a very scary beginning.
It is late for me CB and I was just closing my computer down when I saw your post. I wanted to let you know as soon as possible that you had been heard and that you were welcome. I am going to close this post now but I will write again tomorrow. In the meantime I hope you get rest tonight having taken a massive step towards ‘your’ recovery from the addiction to gamble. Knowledge of the addiction to gamble will give you power over it – you are among those who understand and will not judge.
Well done