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Hi Cbrig
Welcome from me
It would help if you could give more details about your boyfriend so that we can support you better.
For instance, is he in debt, does he tell lies about things that don’t matter, is he difficult to live with and in what way.
Playing cards 4 times a week is not necessarily pointing to an addiction, even if he lied to you about the amount of times he plays. If this is a problem to him then undoubtedly it could become a full-blown addiction but there is not enough flesh on your post to guide me.
What is it, apart from playing cards 2 or 4 time a week that is disturbing you because it appears to me that something obviously is causing you real concern? You can see from worriedmama’s reply to you that there will be no judgement, just understanding.
I run a Friends and Family group on Tuesdays between 20.00 and 21.00 hour UK time. The group is private and nothing said in it appears on the forum – if you do not want to say too much in a forum that can be read by anyone, maybe you would like to talk then – I promise you that you will be understood.
Speak soon