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Hi Chalsteve
I echo all your comments entirely – even without an addiction the temptation to try and get something for nothing, in every form of media, appears to offer a thrill with the added promise of fulfilling a dream.
Going back to one of your earlier posts I think you are doing really well with your research and understanding – it is the path I took and it is, I believe, the reason why my CG and I have such a good relationship now.
Keep going the way you are – it seems a thankless job and it takes you into some hellish places but in the end it does bring some clarity, if not all.
I was never aware of the possibility of hope; relapses, slips, gambling and addiction were words to which I did not relate. I only knew that I had lost my son and he had been replaced by someone I didn’t recognise and that during this transition I had somehow lost myself. I believe that your early awareness will sustain you through this nightmare offering your son the best support he could have – even if he doesn’t recognise it yet.
You are right that the ‘window of receptiveness’ is very small and recognising it is almost impossible but it will almost certainly follow a relapse. I didn’t see the window but fortunately I gave the right direction by luck rather than judgement. Even if your son is closing his mind to support you know where it is. Keep listening to him even if it is distortion and deception because in the middle of all the chaos the window will occasionally be open.