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Hi Charlrster

Firstly I’m so glad you’ve decided to stay, it doesn’t matter why, what matters is your allowing yourself the support you deserve

So much of what you have said most CG’s can relate to, I certainly can.

Your line ” It’s impossible to address every problem I have all at once and I knew that other areas of my life would impact negatively and feed my gambling addiction .”

In so many ways the same sentence has been used, this addiction causes chaos in our minds but allows us to see where others are making mistakes, we can still see our friends have issue, we can read what folks are doing and in some cases aren’t doing that would benefit them.

Is it relevant that you’re not able at this moment in time to take your own advise … maybe subconsciously as time goes by the more you support the longer the seed in your gambling mind will grow allowing yourself to start to take the actions you need to take for you

I like to look at the start of recovery in a few ways.

Our thoughts, life impacts, our self produced gambling chaos has caused us to only see one thing when we look at us… One big confused picture, a picture that seem unfathomable, a picture that makes no sense, much like a jigsaw puzzle that’s been thrown in the air allowing the 1000 pieces to go where they want in our brain… Charlester this is in my onion a very common issue, if we can rebuild that jigsaw, turn all the pieces over slowly, find the edges, the corners we slowly start to rebuild from lots of small manageable pieces that we’ve spent time exploring and examining, This is why GMA, CBT, GA & counselling exists, it’s also why talking and being open is such a powerful tool, these allow us to start to see the corners and edges that make the whole picture clear again.. bit by bit

Pop onto the helpline Charlester, Unfortunately Velvet doesn’t work on the helpline but were here for you 09:00 > 17:00 Monday to Friday, everything you say is 100% confidential, We won’t judge, we not easily shocked, some of us are gamblers (like myself whose an ex resident of GMA) some are counsellors.

Come and chat, you’ve made a brilliant decision to stay on the forums, you’ve been brilliant at supporting others… now it’s time to let us support you

Take Care, There’s lots of hope and ways forward.. you just need to take the step towards getting the corners straight