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Hi Charlster
I think you shone at your interview because at last you have stopped in your tracks and taken an inventory of your life. It looked pretty ghastly but instead of indulging in that which you had always done you have chosen a different route, you are seeking another way.
I cannot believe that anybody going on the GMA programme would not be afraid of the unknown and I don’t think anyone can allay that fear completely for you– but GMA exists to give CGs the chance to live in control of their addiction and you want to live in control of your addiction – I cannot see that as a gamble.
I am not a CG Charlster and I know you are not low life. It will be so much easier to put confused and baffled people straight once you have fought and won your battle, I would like to see someone find a pigeon-hole that you will fit into then.
You will not spend the rest of your life telling everybody that you have a gambling addiction – at the moment it is better that those who affect your life and whose lives you affect, do know – some will try and understand, some will not. Forget the ones that will not, they are probably worrying about something else in their own lives – you know what you are doing and that is all that matters.
I know I haven’t been in your shoes but I really do appreciate how hard it must be to put yourself on the line when the sheer nature of your addiction is to be secret. It must feel demeaning and I salute you for all you are doing. You will possibly have things thrown back at you again in your life but it will be easier to ride the storm when you are in control of your life.
Believe me there are many people prepared to listen – you just haven’t met us all yet