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Hi Charlster

Thanks for writing. It has been a pretty intense 3 days since my last post as I struggle to get everything done. There is still so much crap up in the air, not least the amount of money my company owes to HMRC not through gambling as such, but because I did not run the business. I realise that I used gambling as a way to escape responsability – but the more I gambled the more things got left behind. When I look back I am appalled at who I became. I used to be fairly organised, energetic, with believe and faith. For the last 3 years I have steadily got worse, lazier.

I have got a lot of stuff done – I need to go out again now and see someone who may have work for me when I come out.

I will post a nice long post and reply top some of the amazing stories I have read here.

Thanks everyone.