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Hi Charlster , I know your last few posts were directed at Mav, but I have got so much from them.
The thing is i have been so lucky in life in many ways . I have a job I love which is week paid . I have the right amount of responsibility so that I feel I have worked my way up a little but not so much responsibility that I am stressed out .

A big promotion opportunity had come up and in not sure I want I go for it .. I am trying to decide if its because I have learned to value other things, because I have gambled any extra money I got anyway or if I feel unworthy.
If I’m honest I think I just don’t want to see others passing me out . Is that really silly?.. I suppose through all of this mess I have managed to do well at my job.

Reading about u giving up the job makes me think why do I feel the need I drive myself toward further stress.

Reading how u said to Mav that u can start again makes me think I don’t have to chase every opportunity .

Reading what you say about motivation had made me want to go tackle the biggest bind I have in my life besides gambling … It sounds so trivial but my untidy house stops me living the life I want ..

So all your posts today I have taken something from.
Have to go now … I’m tidying my room .. Lol