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Hi Cliff
I remember you well and I cannot tell you how pleased I am to hear that your son is going to go into GMA.
The support for you is here, either on our Helpline or in the F&F group, that you used before, or in this forum.
If you decide to use the forum please start your own thread by clicking on ‘New Topic’ at the bottom of Friends and Family forum page, write your message, scroll down and click on ‘save’ and the support will be there for you.
There is an F&F group tonight between 8 and 9pm and it would be great to talk to you again – I can see that life has not been easy since we last ‘talked’.
It is an important time for all of you but I fully understand all the concern that goes with this new move and hope. There is a lot of experience and knowledge available for you here – so please keep posting and hopefully join the groups.

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