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Hi Dadda
I am sorry you are feeling ignored.
It might be that some members don’t know what to write to you because as I explained to you before discussion on legal disputes, the American legal system and PTSD are not within the remit of this site. This forum is about supporting those who are living with the unacceptable behaviour that comes from the addiction to gamble – standing up and taking action may possibly come much later when full recovery has taken place. Some of the people to whom you have posted will never respond as they no longer need the support offered here, they are not ignoring you but they are living their lives out of the shadow of the addiction and have no need to visit this forum; other members may not have read your posts yet. F&F can and do recover from the addiction to gamble so this forum is usually only used for a relatively short period in which to gain knowledge and the tools to cope – what members do with that knowledge is down to the individual but generally any reports we get back are positive.
This site understands it’s responsibility to people’s lives, the staff know as much as possible about their subject and know it well, speaking up and taking action is being tackled by them every day.
I appreciate that what I am saying is not giving you the answers that you want and for that I apologise. It is terrible that there is not enough knowledge being publicised so that people can protect themselves from the addiction to gamble and we can only hope things will change in the future but I’m afraid I cannot help you with most of the situations that you are describing, and the rebuffs you are receiving.
I can’t remember what your experience was with Gamanon but in my opinion it is good to physically share with others who are experiencing the same nightmare – the things that are particular to the area in which you live. I believe that counsellors and therapists can support but that not all of them are as clued up as they need to be – but if this is the case then it is best to change to another, likewise if the Gamanon group you first try is not offering you what you want, try another.
Sadly there will never be a day when someone doesn’t want money and unjust struggles are not common. I understand your frustration but I still hear a lot of anger in your posts which leads me to feel you are not looking after yourself first.
You are being heard Dadda – take care of ‘you’.